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Intensive Mandarin Course in Shanghai

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 Coman Mihaela Alcmena
4 weeks in Shanghai
Intensive Mandarin course  
Q: How are you finding your studies in China?
A: I think that being in China helps me learn Mandarin much faster than if I would try to learn it in my own country. It’s not an easy language to learn; therefore it helps a lot to be immersed in it.  
Q: What do you find most interesting about Shanghai?
A: I find it very interesting that it’s such an international city and yet it retains its traditional Chinese culture. I love to see the two mix. 
Q: What advice/tips would you give to others who plan to come and study in China?
A: I think they should be prepared for a culture change. They should embrace the differences while they are here. If they come here open minded they will absolutely love it.