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Italian tuition in Venice

Dan (40s)
Two week group course in Venice
Elementary level

Your course… The course was absolutely fantastic – hard, but awesome!
Your teachers… Equally brilliant!
The school… Lovely environment!
The accommodation… In the first week I stayed at the Residence and this didn’t work for me.  The reason I chose the residence in the first week was that I was hoping to meet a few people doing the same thing – have some drinks in the evening etc. The Residence is just too big and the common space does not really attract anyone to it to socialise. Thankfully I’d booked an apartment for the second week and the mini apartment was awesome, really excellent and absolutely made my trip!!

What did you think of CESA staff in the UK … Emails were all answered perfectly and with excellent info.
Any final thoughts you’d like to add? YEs, I am planning on doing lots more courses – what took me so long to discover this!!