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Gap Year German course in Berlin

Students relaxing between classesJack Sommers
8 week
Gap Year German Course

I wanted my overall ability to improve to near fluency and that the course would be both educational and entertaining. I feel I achieved both goals!

As a place to learn German in Berlin, the language school was great. The lessons were good and the teaching effective yet informal. German lessons consisted of discussions where student contribution was encouraged, exercises to develop hearing, writing, reading and writing skills were good. Overall it was excellent. Other students as well as the staff were forthcoming and friendly. The cafeteria was excellent.

The best part was the variety of topics covered which meant that my German improved in many areas particularly my grammar and pronunciation. The worst part of the course was the placement test I sat on the first day — I felt it was too focused on grammar, making it hard to assess your overall German ability.

Tip to future students: Everyone is keen to speak English to you, once they know you are English, so if you want to practise your German with them, you need to refuse to speak any English!

Berlin is a very cheap city to live in — especially in comparison to London! Accommodation was cheap as were the varied restaurants/cafes around the city.
Making friends at the college was easy. I socialised almost exclusively in German. The plentiful late night Cafes/bars/restaurants and clubs and frequent night buses made staying out until 4am quite practical!

My hostess was really forthcoming and friendly, my room was spacious and clean. Steglitz (where I lived) was very well connected with the city centre and about ½ hour from the school by S-Bahn.

I found the CESA website very informative and the staff really helpful.
Would I go again? Absolutely – Berlin is a truly fabulous place to live and study!