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Janet: 2 week Over 50s Course

“I have done two similar courses at other schools in Spain so I expected this to be rather similar in most respects. By choosing the Master class I hoped to have a more varied time with interesting activities. By living “on campus” instead of in an apartment I hoped to feel fully integrated into the student life.

The activities at the Spanish school in Malaga were great: varied, interesting and well organised. I really enjoyed living on campus and having the opportunity to meet new friends.

All the teachers were splendid and lessons were great fun. The emphasis was an oral work – just what I wanted. There was enough grammar to take me forward in my learning. The school was clean, neat and well organised. The building and rooms were super. The position of the school in Malaga is reassuringly safe.

The best parts of the course were the Salsa classes and listening to Manola talk for an hour (in Spanish!) about bullfighting and be able to understand what was being said. Great fun!

The other students in my class were at about the same level as me and we bonded well. A group of us decided to organise a trip at the weekend, and we went to Morocco, it was good value and we had a fantastic time.

I like Malaga and always felt safe there. I can now say I have visited all the main attractions in Malaga, except the nightclubs I left that to the younger students.

I was delighted with my accommodation, what more can I say.

CESA, you were GREAT! All the hassle of organising a trip like this one taken care of for me, well worth the money! It was a good school, doing a good job! If I had a teenage child I would feel more than happy to send them to the school.

Thanks CESA!”