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Jenny: 8 weeks Standard Course

Why would you want to learn German in Vienna?  My friend, who is not at all interested in languages, just didn’t understand! 

Learning a language abroad, in a city you didn’t know beforehand is an amazing, exciting incredible experience:

1/ you meet people from all over the world
2/ you get to know another culture – first-hand
3/ you see how other people think and can “try out” their life styles
4/ and you get to learn a new language!

I’d already studied in Paris and Berlin with CESA and I needed to work on my German skills some more, so decided to try Vienna.  I knew nothing about Austria or the Austrian people but had heard that the city was amazing.  After 8 weeks studying German there, all I can say is that I advise you to go to Vienna with CESA, as soon as you can.

You’ll find that the staff are all friendly and serious and will do all they can to help you with your studies. There are a great range of group and private courses to choose from – I opted for the Standard Course as I didn’t want to be tied to the classroom all day. I shared my lessons with 7/9 other students, all with the same German language skills as me. The teachers ensured the classroom atmosphere was encouraging, positive and motivating through out. They all seemed to have a good sense of humour and up beat attitude.  I spent a lot of my free time with my new friends/classmates in Vienna’s coffee houses, where I had some of the best coffee and cakes ever – bad for the waist line, but well worth it. Sometimes I joined the city tours organised every Monday by the German Language School. They were free and the teacher who guided us on the tours gave us a lot of great information about Vienna.

The school provides a great selection of accommodation, so if you don’t want to stay with local hosts, you don’t have to.  I did, but accept it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. My Austrian hosts were very kind to me.  There is also so much to do, something to suit every taste and interest. If you like the theatre, cinema, opera, museum, and restaurants you’ll be fine, there’s also the famous Viennese Kaffeehäuser. … if you’re a night owl there’s a vast array of clubs & pubs  to choose from – so there’s always somewhere to go and find people to talk to.  Vienna by night is just so magical, with all the illuminated old buildings and imperial architecture! You can spend hours just strolling along the streets and alleys of the old city.

Best of all I always felt safe and comfortable here – in some cities you always have to be on your guard, I really didn’t feel that in Vienna also the public transport system is efficient and runs regularly so you don’t need a car to get around.

So if you need to work on your German skills – consider Vienna.  You won’t regret it!