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Learn Spanish in Valencia

Spanish Courses in ValenciaJosie Little
4 weeks Standard Course in Valencia

I wasn’t sure what to expect, I hoped there would be a few people who spoke my language as I was almost a complete beginner, and I did ask to be roomed with someone who could speak a little English if possible. I took the course because I wanted to get away for a month and learn a new language, but meet a lot of new people and have a good holiday too.

My room mate was brilliant, she’d been to Valenica before and really tried to involve me in everything, I’d imagine I would have felt a little lost the first couple of days without her. I think the best way to have a good time is to make friends with people and try and be as sociable as possible. Being able to communicate wasn’t a problem at all.

The teachers were helpful and friendly and willing to let students work together to understand, they helped the weakest students but it didn’t hold up the lessons. The Spanish school in Valencia is very well situated, just to the east but within the historic centre of Valencia, and it is easy to catch buses from near the school, to elsewhere in the city. I think Valencia is a great place to go for this kind of course, if you go to the right places the food is good and cheap; there are bars and clubs for everyone’s taste and lots of shops and sports facilities. What surprised me was how willing local people were to humour my struggling Spanish, rather than automatically speaking back to me in English.

I was satisfied with the accommodation in the student apartments because I expected student accommodation and that was what I got. It was a spacious apartment, secure and within easy walking distance of the college, so it was exactly what I’d hoped for.

The CESA staff were very helpful. I would definitely take a Spanish course with CESA Languages Abroad again, I may look in a different area of Spain, but only for the sake of variation. I`d look for a similar set up to that in Valencia, everything worked very well for me.