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Johnny Blackman: 8 weeks Languages for Life Course

I’d always wanted to go to Argentina and when I decided, having graduated that the time had come to sort out a Spanish language course, I immediately thought of studying in Buenos Aires!  

The CESA Languages staff had talked me through the various course options and explained the school was home to a wide range of student nationalities – I was staggered by the reality of the situation.  It felt like a United Nations of language learners.   There was also a wide range of language levels and learning motivations, but it works (and it’s fun).  The small Spanish classes ensured that everyone was grouped well – so individual requirements could be addressed within the group language lessons (I discussed this with friends in other groups, so it wasn’t just luck with my group).  Not only did the Spanish School in Buenos Aires cope brilliantly with all of our different levels and expectations but in addition they offered a wide range of out of class activities – from excursions outside the city, nightclub evenings (not sure “evening” is quite the right word though!), restaurant get togethers …. there was always something to do, and people to do it with.

The overall experience was incredible, 8 weeks flew by – of course the city was amazing but the best part of it all for me was the quality of the Spanish teaching at the college. All of the teachers used up to date techniques as well as having a passion for their native language the general atmosphere really encouraged active communication wherever possible. I was suprised to find that many of the teachers speak 3 or 4 languages themselves and have a real interest in linguistics. So they really understood the issues that we were all coping with. 

I also liked the fact that the core classes were supplemented by free tutorials each day and conversational group sessions some evenings.

On top of which I was impressed to see that the admin staff were really helpful with all the different students needs on a day to day basis.

Would I recommend the course to others?  Oh yes.  In my opinion Buenos Aires is the perfect location and the college is the ideal language learning centre for anyone, whatever their age or background looking for a new experience and some serious language skills.