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Jonathan: 6 weeks Spanish course

When I arrived in Chile I did not speak any Spanish, or even know much about South American culture. The basics of the language were explained to me carefully and thoroughly with full support of the teaching staff. The lessons themselves were very fulfilling as they used real life scenarios and events to teach various aspects of vocabulary. However the programme did not involve simple grammar and vocabulary learning as it was combined with learning the rich and varied culture of the South American people. Every fortnight there was a test procedure so I was able to rate my performance and check my progress whilst I was there.

The school ran many social activities outside of the classroom which encouraged us to interact with our fellow classmates and local people. This allowed me to apply my knowledge to the outside world with the assistance of staff. During my time there I took part in many of these extra-curricular activities and enjoyed every single one, feeling many of them to be an important part of the learning experience.

Though I was only at the school for 6 weeks I found the experience thoroughly rewarding and I would encourage others to take part in the course to broaden their language and cultural base. At the end of my time there I felt that I had the ability and confidence to interact with Spanish speaking people.