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Julia: 4 week Summer Course

“At the start of my course I was a little worried that all the students would be too studious and not want to have a good time.  How wrong I was, there were lots of friendly people all very willing to enjoy themselves, which meant I had a brilliant social life whilst in Malaga.

I felt that that during the first week or two on the Summer Programme in Malaga, my learning was a little slow, after the excitement had died down, we soon moved at a much quicker pace and I learnt much more.  Due to the good teacher-student interaction I felt I was able to understand a lot more of the Spanish that was spoken in the classrooms. I was also very lucky to have a really motivating and funny teacher, who spent a lot of time and energy helping us to understand the language.

The school was brilliant and Malaga is an excellent destination for a language course. The teachers and excursion leaders were very relaxed and friendly. I found the students in my class very entertaining and have made friends from all over the world that I have since kept in touch with.

CESA were very, very helpful…and stopped me worrying. Thank you I had a wonderful time! ” Julia.