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Kate: French Combined Course


French Combined Course
One week duration

“I thought it was going to be really hard to understand what was going on, I was unsure how the teachers would be able to teach grammar if they only spoke French. I was pretty unsure it wouldn’t make a huge amount of difference to my French. Actually, the lessons were really easy to follow, if we didn’t understand the teacher would explain in a different way so that it made sense. My French speaking improved massively over the week, it was really good. It surpassed all my expectations.

The lessons really worked for me, by the end of the week at the French school in Nice, I was able to say really long complicated things I never would’ve been able to before. My teacher (Karine) was really friendly and helpful, I liked the way she corrected you as you were talking if you made a mistake.

Our classroom was comfortable; I liked the big desks as I had plenty of room. Staff and teachers were very approachable and answered my questions straight away. The school was in an excellent position in Nice, being next to the main street, which was brilliant.

Meeting people from lots of different countries, talking about what they do in their respective countries was really interesting.

Students in my class were friendly; I made lots of friends who I am still in touch with. Being picked up at the train station was very easy and quick.

Nice was really lovely, the old town was gorgeous and it was great to go to the beach and eat ice cream in the warm weather. It was reasonably cheap, some places were quite expensive though, and lunches were a very good price for good quality food.

I saw my friends a lot during the days which was good.

My hostess was very, very nice. She didn’t mind getting me anything I asked for. I had a very comfortable room with plenty of space and a large desk; meals were very tasty and filling. She was very helpful with getting to the airport, she saw me onto the bus and explained exactly what I had to do, which was reassuring.

The assistance from CESA was very good. Thank you.

I would definitely go again, I’m planning to go for much longer next year to try and improve my French further!”