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Katherine: 2 week Standard Course

“I thought I would re-gain confidence in speaking Spanish and I certainly did. In hindsight I think I should have stayed more than 2 weeks to make the most of regaining my confidence in speaking Spanish and properly start to express myself in the language. However, I did learn a lot, a lot came back to me once I started learning it again and generally I feel more secure in speaking Spanish than prior to the course.
The lessons were very good; there was a good variation in the activities. New grammar topics were always being introduced in a different and interesting way.
The staff and teachers were very nice. The situation of the college in Vejer is nice; Vejer is so small you can walk to the school from anywhere in town.
The best bits for me were learning Spanish for 4 hrs a day, and the fact that English was not allowed to be spoken in the classrooms was fantastic. I had a very good teacher, Daniel. He was great at explaining the meaning of Spanish words without resorting to English. Meeting fellow students on the course, many of whom were very sociable and friendly was also good.
Vejer is an excellent location for a language course. I felt very, very safe in the town which was important to me. You can definitely go out there very well and cheaply and it is a very beautiful town. The nearby beaches are gorgeous too.
My hostess was very welcoming and friendly. She was always happy to talk and help with my Spanish. She is also an amazing cook; I would definitely recommend her and her husband to other students. I had a great time and would love to go again.”