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Kay French: Standard Group Course

Five weeks German course.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from my German course in Lindau and was a little nervous. However, after a couple of days I settled in fine.

The lessons were very good and as my confidence with the language grew I began to forget that I was learning. The lessons were very interesting and varied. The schools location was excellent; everything was near by including the bus stop. The teachers were very friendly and approachable; I felt very comfortable and at home and the teachers made everyone feel very involved.

The best parts of my course were meeting other students, enjoyable lessons, the social life and the wonderful family I stayed with.

The balance between lessons and free time was great, it kept me interested and involved. Some evenings we had international nights with food and such like, these were very good. Sometimes we all went out an organised something ourselves such as the cinema, although the school cinema is quite good.

Lindau is fairly expensive, however I always felt very safe in the town. It was a fantastic place to be during the summer, with the pool and the pedalos. There were lots of activities to do out of school and we spent some of our time down by the lake. The local people were friendly and always willing to help.

The night life was fun, we had a set routine: Thursday, first floor in Lindau Park and inside Hotel Elysee (killer cocktails) on a Friday. Wednesday was metal night at Club Vaudville. During the days we went swimming, rode on the pedallos and slept a lot after our hectic nights out! Weekends we went to places like Innsbruck, Konstanz and Meersbourg, which were all very scenic.

The family were all very welcoming and I enjoyed my stay with them. It was nice to get into a routine with the family and stay in a place that was so clean and homely. I would definitely recommend my host family to other students.

I would love to go again, and really want to keep up my German. I thought the assistance given by CESA was very good. You were friendly, helpful, interested and concerned all in one. Any queries were answered and problems solved.

Thanks CESA – Kay