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La buena vida en Barcelona


2 weeks in Barcelona as part of her Gap Year

I expected a high standard of teaching, friendly people and sunshine. I feel my expectations were met. My teacher was fantastic and I learnt a lot during my two week course.

The lessons were great, my teacher insisted that we only spoke Spanish and encouraged us to speak it outside of lessons for example ordering food in the school cafe.

The small class size at the Spanish school in Barcelona was good as I felt each student got the attention they needed to improve their Spanish. There were also many class activities which allowed friendships to form quickly. I think the lessons are great as they are, I can`t think of anything that needs improving.

The school was very nice, everyone was friendly and approachable. The cafe was especially good. The location of the school is good as it’s not too far away from Plaza Catalunya (centre).

The best part of the course was meeting so many different people from all over the world. The worst part was the journey to school but it did teach me how to use local transport and get to know my way around Barcelona. It was also a good chance to get to know people from my Residence as we would travel to school together.

The activities were good. I only went on one excursion from the school though as many people went on their own trips to explore the city.

Barcelona is a great place to study and live! I spoke Spanish often, in shops, at the Residence and of course in class. I felt safe but a few people had things stolen on the train or in clubs so you have to be cautious. The area where I lived was very safe. The social/nightlife is excellent!!

I was delighted with my accommodation. The residence was comfortable, clean and the food was good. The staff were really helpful as well and they hardly speak English so it is a good way to practise your Spanish. I found it very easy to make friends in the Residence.

CESA were great, friendly, informative and polite. Everything was good! A special thanks to everyone at CESA who assisted me and made sure I got the accommodation that I really wanted and made sure I was happy.

I would definitely go again. I hope to go again next year, maybe not to Barcelona but another part of Spain just to get a different experience.

I have made some really good friends from Spain who I am still in contact with and hope to go back to Spain with them next year.

There are too many memorable moments! The beach, residence, sangria and of course the people! It was a great way to end my Gap Year! Thank you 🙂