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Learn Italian in Sorrento

Meredith spent 4 weeks last summer in Italy with CESA:

Italian Language Courses in SorrentoI honestly had no idea what to expect from my Italian course in Sorrento. I was prepared (as best I could mentally) for the culture shock but beyond that I had no idea what I was getting myself in to.

Absolutely I was very happy with the way the Sorrento Italian language school was set up, and Olga’s way of introducing me to the school made me feel especially comfortable, and I knew that I could come to her if I needed anything, which I never had to.

The language lessons were perfect for me. I was comfortable with the pace and felt that both teachers did a good job of making sure everything was understood. The interaction between me personally and the three teachers I had was always fine. I thoroughly enjoyed my classes, the methodology and liked my teachers too. Especially Bianca.

I was really fantastically surprised to find such a lovely group of teachers. Everyone was so friendly and patient and very willing to take time to speak clearly and understand the awful Italian I spoke. I felt extremely safe in Sorrento and the School’s surrounding area.

I felt the toughest part of the language course was not being able to speak English within the class. I understand the reasons behind the ‘Italian only’ style of teaching and it certainly worked for me, but it was difficult having to practically think in Italian even though I’m a beginner. The best part was getting to know the teachers I had, the conversation class was always fun because we got to learn about each other while speaking another language. How fun!

I would have liked to have seen some kind of established progress or grade, if that makes sense. I felt I was keeping up with the class, but since we never had tests or grade work I wasn’t 100% sure I was understanding the material to the extent I thought I was. That might just be because I’m in High School and that’s the basis of all our work. But I loved the class size, and how my teachers set up their classes.

Sorrento was beautiful and seemed practically free of crime. I met plenty of locals who were all very nice and willing to show me around which always gave me something to do / somewhere to go. I’d definitely recommend going and exploring the Amalfi coast, it is absolutely breathtaking. And La Lantima in Piazza Antonino is a great restaurant that is reasonably priced.

I got so lucky with my host family, they were absolutely fantastic. Mrs Umbri is such a caring lady and I really loved talking to her. They were both extremely hospitable and I felt comfortable in my accommodationthe entire time I was there. I wish I could have spent more with them, they were really beautiful people. I’d recommend the Umbri family to other younger students, like me, it felt like a home away from home, which would be beneficial to anyone who might be doing something like this for the first time.

I didn’t have many instances where I needed to use CESA’s assistance while I was there (thankfully) but from what I experienced, CESA was fabulous. Katherine is such a lovely person, and helped me clearly understand everything. She also answered any questions I had and I felt very comfortable with the process CESA had constructed for enrolment. The personal relationship that CESA makes with each student is really spectacular, Thank you.

Definitely! I wish I could have stayed longer too. But it was the summer of a lifetime, hands down. Something I’ll never forget was the day a group of us from school rented scooters and rode down the Amalfi Coast to Pavello and back. Absolutely terrifying, but only at first and it ended up being one of, if not the best day of my trip.