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Learn Mandarin in Shanghai

Studdents learning Chinese at the Shanghai language schoolBenjamin Simona
8 weeks Standard Course
Studying in both Beijing College 1 & Shanghai

I spent one month at the Chinese language school in Beijing and then a second month in Shanghai.

I’m very excited about my progress in the Chinese language. Every day I learn many things that I try to use in my daily life. Being understood by Shanghai rén it’s very satisfying. I would never have thought I would learn Chinese so quickly. The Chinese language teachers in Shanghai are very good; they expect a lot from us but it’s definitely rewarding. I’m following the Standard course (elementary level). The program focuses on communication skills. The teaching method is very good and the students learn very rapidly how to communicate in typical daily situations. This is exactly what I was expecting!  However, in order to learn how to read and write Chinese characters I’d recommend that students enrol for the Intensive course.

I love Shanghai and really enjoy looking for new restaurants every day. In Shanghai you can find delicious food from all over the world.

A great experience!