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Learning French in Tours

French & Wine Course in ToursClara Fielding
4 weeks in Tours, France

I spent 4 weeks in Tours improving my French, and I couldn’t have been happier with my choice! The assessment test at the beginning of my stay was the ideal way to identify where I should be placed, according to my French knowledge. The classes were kept very small which allowed the teachers to properly help each student progress as individuals. Each class focused evenly on all aspects of learning a new language. I learned a lot during my 4 weeks, and i would go back to the French school in Tours tomorrow!
Best advise I could give a future student : Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Everyone is really helpful.  I found that no matter what kind of question I had, academic or frivolous, whether it was about homework or just a quick query about a place I wished to visit; everyone at the French school took the time to help me!