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Spanish course in Tarifa

Libby Adam
2 weeks: Spanish Teenage Course

I expected it to be a bit childish but I hoped and thought that whatever happens my linguistic ability would improve.
Linguistically I have improved however the common language was English so out of class time I only learnt vocab.
Generally it was perfectly pitched for 14-17 yr olds and I had an amazing time.

The lessons worked well as a good morning activity and it was great how they were set on ability. The teachers spoke little English so we all really improved out Spanish though games, trips out and debates. The Student to teacher interaction was great.

The staff at the Spanish school in Tarifa were very welcoming, funny, had huge enthusiasm and were completely in tune with how teenagers work. The location of the school was great it was a 3 minute walk from the beach and 1 minute from the centre of Tarifa. Perfect.

I felt very comfortable. The school was a clean, useable space with plenty of places to have quiet time as well as multiple computers all with internet access and a games room. The best part of my trip was the other campers and staff.

Having to leave and say good bye to everyone was the worst part. I was not expecting the range of nationalities, this was a great thing. It was absolutely incredible, I highly recommend this and I have made some terrific friends.
I used my language skills in and out of the classroom.

The social life was fantastic as there was plenty to do, everyone was lovely and I always felt safe. I was delighted with my accommodation. As it was in the school it was easy to socialise and meet up with everyone.

I found CESA very honest, knowledgeable and they had excellent communication with me throughout. I would strongly recommend them.

CESA was recommended to me by the Spanish Department at Marlborough College in Wiltshire. They asked for feedback next term which we will gladly give as being a 100% posititve experience. The school in Tarifa were outstanding in their care and programme for teeangers.

I would absolutely recommend others to go on a course like this, the best and most memorable experience of the course was making a music video with everyone for the evening activity.