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Linda: 2 week Standard Course

“I expected it to be hard work but that it would be of benefit to me as I knew would be speaking the Italian language constantly.

The course was certainly hard but I am much more confident to ‘have a go’ at speaking Italian now.

It was difficult for the first couple of days as I joined a group who had already been together for a week. Our teacher was excellent (Vanessa). There were three Spanish speaking students in my group; we all got on so well.

The school was excellent, in an excellent situation in Rome. The best part of the course was having to speak Italian and Italian only, and listening to it day in, day out. This was excellent in helping me learn the language.

The students in my class were lovely; I still keep in touch with them now by email.

Rome was amazing. The food was cheap and great for me as I’m a vegetarian. I went out to places in the morning and back for lessons in the afternoons. The transport system is really good, 16 euros for bus/tram/metro, even a train to Ostia Antica.

Ostia Antica was my favourite place, even on a Saturday it was quiet. I loved all the farmers sires in the centre of Rome. I would recommend going early to visit before the queues build up.

I would definitely go on another language course with CESA, but I`d like to see somewhere different this time probably Florence.”