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French Gap Year Course

Megan: 24 weeks in Montpellier

Gap Year Course


Going to Montpellier to study French was easily one of the best experiences of my life.

I had always wanted to improve my language skills and going to Montpellier allowed me to finally do it!

In no time at all, I went from very basic conversational skills to being able to converse freely, express my opinion, use different tenses and make jokes and laugh with my friends! Just being in France makes the world of difference as you constantly have the opportunity to put into practice the things you learn in class. The teachers at the French language school in Montpellier were great, they taught at a steady rate meaning that you are constantly learning but never going too fast.

The French language school organises a lot of trips and there’s so much to do in Montpellier that you can never get bored.

The best thing about going to France was the friends I made – I now have friends for life in countries around the world – and we all speak French to each other!

Regards – Meg