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Miss Barton: 4 week Standard Course

I expected to grasp some general German in the four weeks I was there. I also expected basic, clean accommodation close to the school. My expectations were definitely met, I learnt enough German to get me started. The accommodation was great and only 2 minutes walking distance from the school.

The school was great and the staff were excellent. The teachers were really friendly and the situation of the school was great for us because it was only 2 minutes walk from the accommodation.
Classes were mixed and it was really great to come away after 4 weeks and be able to converse in shops and restaurants in German. There were plenty of social activities in the evenings so you get to see some different parts of Vienna.

You can definitely eat and drink cheaply in Vienna; the restaurants serve large portions at good prices. Austrian people are very friendly and love to help you out whilst trying to order food in German! Vienna had a wonderful nightlife, from bars to discos, open till 2 or 3 am and pretty busy with local people. Visit “The Bermuda Triangle” where there are plenty of bars and discos for you to enjoy the Austrian Music.

My accommodation was absolutely fabulous! I had a brilliant large apartment with a TV, kitchen and all the necessities. My bedroom was large and also had a desk for me to study at. There was Internet access available 24 hours a day and a laundry service for only a very cheap price.

CESA were really good and very helpful. Thank s very much for a great experience.  I would definitely travel again to learn a language.”