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Mr Abra: Intensive German Course

Five week German course.

I expected a significant improvement in my basic colloquial German. I also expected to benefit in a broadening of my knowledge of German history and culture. My expectations were met on both counts.

The lessons were well structured, well prepared and delivered by very competent and experienced teachers in a friendly atmosphere. I have no suggestions for improvements – the formula appears to be right.

The school is very good and all the staff were very approachable. My wife, who is an Assistant Director of a school in Cambridge that teaches English spent half a day at the school and had the same positive impression as I did. Lindau is definitely the right location for a German language school. Everything about the course was good I can’t think of any bad parts.

The other students in my class were very pleasant and well motivated. They were in the main graduates or undergraduates taking a mid-course Gap Year from University. Many of them were Swiss-French, Swiss-Italian, Spanish, Italian, Swedish and Chinese. They all mixed very well and I enjoyed their company in class and socially. This includes their company during the two very interesting excursions I went on and a private trip we organised ourselves.

Lindau was excellent in all respects. I felt completely safe at all times, day and night. Being in my 50`s, I was more than satisfied with the October/November nigh tlife. My social life centred on Lindau and many train excursions throughout Bavaria and into Austria.

My host family: a well-balanced couple, with an immediate family of three young children.  They provided me with a very relaxed atmosphere and were delightful to stay with. My wife was also invited to stay for a few days at the end of my course, which was extremely kind of them.

As for CESA what can I say your service was very good. Keep on as you are!

Would I go again? Yes, the location, the facilities, the school staff, host family and fellow students were all excellent. I would recommend it highly to anyone who is thinking of going.