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Mr Roberts: 16 week Standard Course

“I expected a more intensive course (in the style of a regular school in England) and for the accommodation to be smaller, but with more Spanish speakers.

The accommodation met my expectations. The lessons were well planned and presented, with a good mix of textbook learning and oral practice.

The Spanish school in Santiago was very pleasant. The staff were very helpful if I had a problem, and the teachers were brilliant.

The best part of the course was being asked to translate for a waiter to a tourist in a café in the central playa!

The other students were really nice. I made some great friends. The activities were fun, but a little repetitive. I would have loved to go on a few more weekend trips.

The main areas of Santiago were fine, with a little petty crime, but generally safe. Going out was fun. The nightlife as good – loads of places to go in different areas, Bodeguero!

My accommodation was fine, I stayed in an apartment.

I only had one query before I left that CESA quickly dealt with. I would recommend the experience to other students!