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French Summer Course in Tours

Mr Wong
2 week Summer course in Tours   

I expected that I would improve my French to a certain extent. I also expected to learn something new, that I hadn’t learnt at school before. I thought I would meet some new friends and experience different things in life.

My expectations were definitely met. The lessons were really good. My teacher was very nice. The students were attentive and there were lots of discussions, which was good.

The location of the French school in Tours was excellent. It’s very close to the main street and near many restaurants. The staff at the school were also very friendly. The best parts of the course were the discussions in class, especially when students participated a lot.

The activities were fun. The students in the class and in the school were all very nice.

Tours is a lovely city. Prices are not too expensive and the food is good. The locals are very friendly and I felt very safe in the town. There were lots of opportunities to speak with local people out of the class.

My host family were very nice. The food was good and their children were welcoming. I had lots of fun staying with them. I would certainly recommend them to other students.

I would definitely go to Tours again. I’d recommend others to go. The last day of lessons was the most unforgettable. All the students in my class wanted to stay; we exchanged emails and said good-bye!