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German language course in Berlin

Learn German in Berlin Ms McCormack
8 weeks
German language course in Berlin

I expected it to be quite intensive and thought the lessons would be of a high standard. I wanted to really improve my German and develop a love of the language. My expectations were fulfilled. The teachers were excellent I really improved my German and developed a love of the language and of the culture and history of Germany.

The lessons were excellent, very well prepared. There was a good student to teacher interaction in the German language school in Berlin although naturally some students are more willing to interact than others. Lessons on German grammar, history, language skills, everyday situations, role-plays – an excellent variety of approaches were used. It was an excellent way to learn German in Germany. I was happy with the German school in Berlin, and I felt very comfortable there as the staff and teachers were very friendly and patient. The language school was very centrally located in a safe, residential area.

The best parts of the course were the improvement in my language, learning about the German history in greater depth and experiencing everyday life in Germany. The worst part was that it had to come to an end!

The social activities offered through the German language school were very good, a nice way to meet others in the college. Leaders were very nice, willing to correct our mistakes. As for travelling around Berlin, I have never been in a city, which is easier to get around, the transport system is excellent. It is very tiring setting into your new routine and you really feel tired after a morning of lessons so I found that the balance between lesson time and free time was perfect for me.

Berlin is a good destination for a German language course. It was very cheap to eat out and is a very cheap place for students to study and live in. The local people were very nice, our neighbours in the apartments next-door to ours came over to visit occasionally and were really friendly. I always felt very safe in Berlin, it is a lovely place. The nightlife is excellent. We went out on Fridays or Saturdays, very often to a bar called “Shreckers”, It opened just before I arrived in Berlin in May, there was live music every night – brilliant. You must go to the Indian restaurant on Oranienburger Street; it has great food at great prices. There was always a lot to see and do during the day. I was there for two months and made a great effort to see as many “must sees” as I could.

I was delighted with my accommodation in Berlin; I shared an apartment with a Korean girl who became a good friend. I liked staying in the apartment because I could relax, I didn’t have to feel on edge in someone else’s home, which I think I personally would have done if I had stayed with a family. I would definitely recommend an apartment or the on site college residence to other students similar to myself, looking for a more independent accommodation option.

CESA provided an excellent service and were very helpful. Thank you very much, I would definitely go on a language course with CESA again and definitely recommend you to others. It was an absolutely brilliant experience.