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One week German course in Berlin

Holly Owen
One week in Berlin
Standard Course

I’m in my thirties and didn’t want to be in a classroom with a mass of 17 yr olds, who were more agile minded than me and would have completely different goals and motivations to me.   Actually it turned out the other students in my beginners class ranged from early 20’s to late 40’s, which suited me fine.

Having spoken to the CESA staff I decided to commit to a week’s course in Berlin last June.  I wasn’t sure it would be sufficient time to help my German and I was concerned that the other students would all be younger than me.  I wanted an introduction to the German language in a reasonably small group with like minded students, from a range of different nationalities.

The Berlin German language school environment was great – a campus style with classrooms, comfortable modern studio rooms, a cafeteria and large central courtyard garden all on one site.  All of which ensured I felt comfortable from the word go, which on a short course is essential. The teachers and all the supporting staff were really approachable.  The lessons were well structured and teachers made us use German only from Day One!

Berlin is a fascinating city and the school as in a fun and convenient location. Berlin is a fabulous, though not necessarily a cheap city.  I was surprised to find the locals so happy to speak German with me, I thought they’d all revert to English but was grateful they didn’t, as it was good to put all my newly learnt German vocab into practise on a daily basis, after class.

I didn’t get involved with school activities as I was trying to go for maximum immersion in German and so didn’t really want to socialise with the other language students out of class.  However there were clearly plenty of activities on offer, for those who wanted them.

I loved the German language lessons in the morning and had a terrific time sightseeing in Berlin, however my most precious memory was of a short conversation I had in a baker’s shop on Day Four of the course.  I understood everything he said and he clearly understood me – it was really encouraging to see that even a few days study at a German language school can make such a difference.  I’ve decided to join an Adult Education course locally in September to build on my course in Berlin, and hope that time allowing I can attend, maybe for a couple of weeks next year!