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Over 50s Course in Siena

Study Italian in SienaAnn Hauser
One week Italian course  May
Over 50s Course in Siena

Before going I was frightened to death!
However the experience exceeded my expectations giving me far more confidence in Italian.  Now thinking of doing a GCSE or AS to improve my grammar.

Language course:
The language lessons were “Fantastico”! 
Really liked our teacher – well presented work, given in depth.  Our Italian class was very popular and got a bit large.  The Italian language school in Siena was very comfortable, staff and teachers were charming and accommodating – they were a great team.

The Over 50s Italian language course experience was great in all aspects!
I had not anticipated meeting so many wonderful people from around the world.  I hadn’t expected to laugh so much, or to be so busy!!  We even went to the Cinema (in Italian of course).  I had not expected to be sung to by two lovely German ladies and a Swedish lady, before I left!

Social programme:
Serena our guide was off the scale – marvellously informed, funny, terrific.  The balance of Italian lessons and cultural programme was about right.

I had at least 20 minutes of conversation with my charming landlady each morning over breakfast and at other times of the day.  I was delighted with my choice of B&B.  The apartment was in a great location.  Very Italian.  I was delighted.

I felt completely safe in Siena.  There was loads to do, and I had a marvellous walk through Siena on foot one night, then sat by myself with a glass of wine in the Campo.  Bliss!!

You were very good and sympathetic to my requests.  I would recommend you.

The singing students were a high point. 
Being reduced to tears of laughter in class. 
Marvellous meals out (very reasonable) with lovely company. 

I’ll be going again!