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Portuguese Combined Course

Study Portuguese in PortugalJohn Chalmers
2 weeks Combined Course
Lisbon, Portugal.  

I knew I wanted a structured course which would be intensive, focused and shared with similar students to myself. I felt the course chosen certainly met my needs.

I found the Portuguese Combined Course in Lisbon was professional, well structured and surprisingly good fun.  Addressing general language concepts  in the morning group lessons and then being able to set my own learning goals in the afternoon private classes really worked well.   The school has a good, central location though sometimes the room felt rather small.

Best elements of the course:
Well put together lessons.  Nice to meet new people who shared by interest in learning Portuguese.  Good fun.  Lisbon is a fantastic city.

Worst elements of the course:
One student rather pushy, tried to take the lime light in the morning group lessons, but our teacher patiently dealt with him.  Lost a day of lessons to a public holiday – couldn’t avoid it, as I had to go in set dates, and I was told in advanced, but still a shame.

A first class city, plenty to see and endless things to do.  Excellent selection of good quality, well priced restaurants etc.  Very well priced for a capital city.

Arranged my own – so fine.

I would definitely recommend this course to other students.
A good use of my free time, efficient teachers and I made real progress over 2 weeks (and I enjoyed it!).