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Portuguese course in Lisbon

Learn Portuguese in PortugalRalph Richards
2 weeks Portuguese Course
Lisbon, Portugal

My plan was to learn some Portuguese in the company of other committed students and to immerse myself in some of the Portuguese culture and enjoy the local food and weather (warmer than the UK at least)!

It was 100% successful.

The Portuguese school in Lisbon provided me with some first class tuition.  Anna was a truly excellent private tuition teacher.  With amazing patience and she showed great sensitivity in knowing how to apply just enough pressure, to get the best out of me, but not too much to deflate my confidence.  Wonderful.

The school was good in all aspects.
The whole experience was positive for me.

There were an amazing array of students.

My morning group class consisted of 7 students, each of a different nationality.  All of whom were friendly and helpful.  With an age range of 25 yrs to 68 yrs of age.  An incredibly diverse bunch by any standard, but we all jelled really well.

So glad that in addition to the three group lessons I was advised by CESA to take just the 5 additional private lessons per week as an add on option.  Saw some (younger) students coping with group plus 10 additional private lessons who were totally shattered after their first week!

I stayed in a local Hotel and was very happy with it.  Don’t think I could have coped with social conversation post the working day!

For a large city I felt Lisbon was very safe, though I understand there are a few areas it’s best to keep out of (but I guess that’s true of most large cities).  Metro was excellent.

Thanks to the CESA staff who encouraged me to attend the course.  I had a really exceptional time.