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Sarah: Summer Course

“The lessons were better than I could have imagined! Fantastic! After being a little disappointed with my assessed level I really got to grips with the grammar and now have a much greater understanding. We had a maximum of 9 students in our class, which was perfect for teacher-pupil interaction. The lessons were well structured, grammar explained perfectly and although some exercises were challenging they were always clearly reviewed by the whole class. The regular rotation of teachers gave varied styles of teaching which kept me interested throughout.

I loved the whole atmosphere of the Spanish school in Malaga, relaxed and friendly. The teachers were referred to by the first names which was much more personal. The situation of the school in Malaga is to the east and up a huge hill, lovely for views but not so great for walking up in the heat (keeps you fit though!).

I absolutely loved the excursions; they were a great opportunity to experience Spanish culture. The balance of free time and lessons was perfect. Morning activities and afternoon lessons gave me time in between to return to my host family for lunch. The activities were varied and always enjoyable. The summer course offered what I needed — a range of social activities to enable me to form friendships with people from different countries and the opportunity to improve my Spanish at a level to suit me. There was a great mix of students in my class and it was very easy ad interesting to hold class discussions. The worst part was having to leave! I wanted to stay for another two weeks.

Malaga is a perfect destination for a language course. Although the college is situated to the east of Malaga it was quick, cheap and simple to get to and from town, either by bus or by taxi. I felt safe in the town as I was always with a group of friends, there was a positive atmosphere in the city, I didn’t feel in danger at all. We went out for dinner every night except one, there were endless numbers of restaurants, but Tapas is a must have at some time during the stay! We even went to Torremolinos (to taste the typical English night-life of the south!!).

My accommodation in a host family was perfect! I had a really nice room, the family were lovely and the food cooked was delicious.

CESA were lovely, very helpful and friendly. They provided a very efficient service.

Would I go again? YES! I can’t wait to return. The whole experience was an eye-opener, it’s definitely improved my confidence. I just remember laughing a lot and being constantly happy. Great fun! It’s a must for anyone and everyone who wants to improve their language skills and meet great people.”