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Sarah’s Spanish course in Madrid

Sarah Law
5 week Spanish course

“My time in the Spanish language school in Madrid was the most fun I’ve had ever! I met so many people through the school from all over the world and I am still in touch with many of them now 2 months on. Madrid is an amazing city with so much to do and the people I met there were all very welcoming, friendly and lively.

I felt through my 5 weeks my Spanish improved a lot. You can’t speak any English in the Spanish language school and everything is taught completely in Spanish. At first, this frightened me and although it was challenging to begin with, it is in my opinion the best way to learn a language. I feel confident now when speaking Spanish, where I struggled with that before. What’s more is the teachers at the school are AMAZING. They are all so lovely and actually make the classes fun. You chat away in Spanish about absolutely everything, you play games, you listen to music – its great and helps so much.

Another good thing about the Spanish school in Madrid is the events that they organised. Every Monday they host a welcome drink in a bar opposite the school which gives you a chance to meet other students and chat. Also during the week they arrange things like tapas nights, cinema trips, visits to see famous sites, excursions to small towns or other cities like Toledo and much more. I didn’t go to everything, but the things I did go to were great fun.

I stayed in a  shared apartment with other students at the school. This was lots of fun and gave me a sense of real independence. People were coming and going all the time, but it was very fun meeting all sorts of different people.

I could go on and on about my time in Madrid. I was so nervous going but basically as soon as I arrived, there was no looking back.

I would recommend to anyone to go the school for any length of time.

It’s the best!”