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Spanish and Surf in San Sebastian

12 week Spanish course
San Sebastian

We are having an amazing time!

I think the classes are very well set up and I am learning alot. I enjoy going to classes!

> Spanish language school in San Sebastian

Emily and I walked up Mount Urgull yesterday and after a tough climb, we reached the top. The views of San Sebastian up there are breathtaking and it´s so peaceful up there isn´t it.

I am slowly conversing more and more with Delia, she helps me out by explaining in English but we can get by on one or two word answers etc. I´m sure I´ll get better with practice. The apartment is fantastic, the best spot and her taste in art and style is so similar to mine, I love it.

Our class mates have quickly become friends and we´ve been socialising, whether it be at the beach or going out.