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Spanish and Tapas in Salamanca

16 weeks in Salamanca

The Spanish course experience in Salamanca for me is the perfect mix of social fun vs studying.

Outside the classroom it’s non- stop partying with your class mates, which you would think would make lessons a drag. However I found the classes almost as entertaining as the night-life (even with a hangover.) The teachers are such great fun and the relationship you share with them isn’t the traditional one of distance that I was used to England, but more one of good friendship. This means that you learn loads but at the same time don’t really realize how much you’re taking in.

It seems that with little effort your Spanish improves enormously (ideal for any lazy Gap Year student like myself.)

As for being in Spain – the weather, culture and the school’s tapas tours make it seem more like a holiday, than a language course. I would recommend the Spanish school to anyone wanting to improve their Spanish, whilst having a ball socially.