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Spanish for Teenagers in Salamanca

Spanish Language Courses in MadridEliza Cornwell
3 weeks Spanish teenager course in Salamanca

Before I had arrived, I hoped that during my 3 weeks in Salamanca I would learn a lot more and improve my Spanish.
My experience was amazing and the course definitely matched up to my expectations. I learned a lot of Spanish as well as making many friends from all over the world.
The lessons at the Spanish language school in Salamanca were in general very good. I loved how the classes were in the afternoon, allowing us to do activities in the morning. The teachers were very good and I got to know them well. To improve the lessons in the future we could work less out of the textbook as this got a little bit boring sometimes.
The school was in a perfect location, and I felt very comfortable at the school.
The best and unexpected aspect of my course was the city itself. I loved it.
The worst aspect was the rules and curfews which sometimes seemed unnecessarily strict.
I loved it. Everything ran smoothly and seemed extremely organised. The excursions were on the really good and I learned a lot. I think that the balance between free time and lessons were perfect.
Salamanca was perfect, I was able to talk a lot in Spanish and always felt safe in the day and at night.
My host family were welcoming and extremely chatty. Their apartment was 5 minutes from the school which was great walking distance.
I would definitely recommend this CESA course to other students.
I would definitely go again as well as recommend it to others.
I loved how many friends I made and how much Spanish I learned.