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Spanish in Barcelona

Katy Michael
8 weeks
Languages for Life course  

I really didn’t know what to expect.  I assumed the classes would have a great emphasis on speaking the language and understanding it rather than working on grammar all day.  I’d read all the CESA Languages paperwork avidly but still felt so nervous about the whole thing.

The best of the 8 weeks for me was Francesca – what a lovely lady.  She was without doubt the best teacher I’d ever had!

She taught me for much of the 8 weeks I was there and she was very good at explaining concepts and helping students to understand everything.  We ended up covering more grammar that I expected – but you have to do this in order to make significant progress.  I wish someone could invent a way to learn a language without having to learn grammar, but until that day, going on a Spanish language course in Barcelona is the best, and least painful way of learning Spanish that I’ve found to date!

The best part of studying in Barcelona is that by 1.30 every day the work is done and you can go explore this fabulous city.  If you wanted culture, it was there, if you love the beach – you have plenty of options and likewise for shopping, chilling out or partying all night – Barcelona has it all to offer.  The biggest strain was making myself avoid the diversions on offer and concentrating on my Spanish.  If you are likely to get distracted, Barcelona is full of temptations.  However if you like plenty of things going on around you – the city is amazing!

I stayed in a flat with 4 other students.  I was the only American all the others were European (2 x Germans, 1 Dutch girl and a Danish boy). It was simple and basically furnished fine for us, but older students might not like it.  It was a great base, centrally located in Barcelona and literally 2 minutes from the school.  So no worries about being late for morning classes!

My Spanish skills really improved over 2 months and I got to experience first-hand a European city I’d always wanted to see.

CESA were great – even though there was a 5 hour time difference between us when we were planning the course, you were always ready to help with any queries, and gave efficient timely answers.  Thanks for the support.  It was a wonderful time and I’m so glad I was able to go!