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Spanish & Salsa in Malaga

One week course: July
Laura: Mid 40s
Level: Basic Spanish (with an intermediate knowledge of French and German)
Course details: Spanish and Salsa Programme

I’m just on my way back from my week in Malaga and wanted to share some feedback.  

In sum I had a really fantastic time and much of that was because of the school.  Everything was organised incredibly well and the overall ‘feel’ of the school is that they take  learning seriously but they also want you to enjoy yourself, feel like you’re in a safe and comfortable environment, and they want to make learning fun.  We mainly had Esther and Mariola as teachers and in really liked them both..they were great, upbeat and relaxed, BUT also taught in an impactful way imo.  The ‘Spanish only’ approach was great as it helps with the overall absorption of the language.  One observation is that we didn’t necessarily have as much time to consolidate each day as I and most of my other students would have appreciated…but I guess this just means we do this in our spare time.

I feel like my Spanish has improved quite a bit and even though I still speak very very slowly and cautiously, I have a greater understanding of some basic structures and useful words and phrases…  and would definitely like to build on this either this year or next and beyond…

I was really nervous about being the only grown up in a class or even school of teens but that wasn’t the case and in fact we had a fair mix which also helped with the overall feel of the school…I think we ranged from late 40’s including me to 17 and everything in between…. and a good mix of language and nationality and personality…

Although we had the hiccup with the dance then that was addressed promptly and the school was really keen to make sure everything was ok.

And finally…my ‘Malaga mum’ as I called her was fab.  The house was super convenient..just 4 mins walk… and Maria was a very relaxed host…I felt looked after but not watched or monitored in any way…so really felt at home. 

All in all a really fantastic week and i come away with some fantastic memories, new friends and improved Spanish and salsa.

Thanks for organising.  Can’t wait for my next Spanish course!