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Summer School in San Sebastian

Ania: 2 weeks
Summer School
San Sebastian, Spain

I expected to improve my Spanish conversation and grammar skills and have the opportunity of meeting new people.

Learn Spanish in SpainI was a little nervous before I went, but thankfully the Spanish lessons in the language school were great.  Actually I found them both interesting and well structured. The language school teachers were also great; they were really enthusiastic, helpful and full of life.  You just couldn’t help but be inspired by them.

I felt comfortable at the school. The staff and teachers were really approachable. If you needed to find something out, you could easily go and ask any of them. The Spanish language school was in a good location, easy to get to and safe.

The best part of the course for me were at the end of the 2 weeks finding that I was now able to talk using the subjunctive.  However I also loved being able to make new friends and going out with the college, on the wine tasting trips. The worst part was realising it was the end of the lesson and time to go home.

All the students seemed pretty friendly. The trips arranged by the language school were well organised and good fun.

San Sebastian isn’t one of the cheapest places I have been to, but it wasn’t overly expensive. I talked to some of the locals when out, shopkeepers etc. I felt that it was pretty safe and there was a lot to do. The main attraction being the beautiful beaches, good shopping and great night-life.

I didn’t really see the landlord as I was staying in an apartment, but I guess that was a good thing as it meant there were no problems that needed sorting!  The accommodation was in an excellent location just 200 m from the beach, 10 minutes from the school, 15 minutes from Parte Vieja, and wasn’t too noisy.

CESA is a great organisation, highly organised staff who were also friendly and helpful.

I really want to go back and would definitely recommend it to others.

The memorable moments for me were the wine tasting trip with classmates (amongst several school activities), relaxing on the beach after classes with friends, having fun in our Spanish classes, shopping, finding nice clothes, going out, etc. So many memorable moments, to many to talk about – all adding up to an amazing two weeks!