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Tasting Tequila in Mexico

Five week group course – intermediate level
Playa del Carmen, Mexico

My arrival, transfer & reception all went very smoothly & efficiently.  There were a few little problems with the apartment, air conditioner not working properly sort of thing, that were immediately fixed by the very efficient & friendly staff.

I am in the advanced class at the Spanish school in Playa del Carmen with 4 others who are more or less at my level.  Have a little difficulty at times understanding the teacher Alicia as she does not enunciate very clearly & tends at times to talk inside her mouth.  Tomorrow I shall ask her to speak more clearly.  Am not shy, especially after a fellow student mentioned the same thing to me; also the sticking closely to the text, which is not always very interesting.  But it is early days.

Am very happy to be away from the severe Canadian winter and in Playa del Carmen instead with its beautiful beaches for walking & lovely sea for swimming, two of my favourite activities.  It’s a bit touristy, but that doesn’t bother me.  This afternoon we went for a walkabout of the town, most interesting, led by Francisco who is actually a Mayan.  We started off with a tasting at the museum of tequila!  Every weekday afternoon there is an activity: tomorrow a Mexican cooking class, Wednesday salsa, etc.  Really a very well-balanced programme.

Saludos, Micaela