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Teenage language course in Benalmadena

Isabel Reynolds :
2 weeks Spanish Summer Programme
Benalmadena, Spain
I wanted to work on my Spanish post GCSE exams and to have a good time, but mostly improve my spoken Spanish before starting my AS Spanish course. My Mum found out about the teenager Spanish language courses abroad offfered by CESA and we chose Benalmadena because I liked the idea of being being by the sea.

I liked having to speak in Spanish all the time in class though it was daunting at first.  It was good to have native speakers of Spanish teaching us.  I liked the flamenco lessons best of the classes offered in the afternoons, but it was the Spanish language course itself, that worked best for me. I liked having class mates from so many European countries and I got to know plenty of other kids from other classes as well.  It was great to be able to talk in Spanish with so many of them. It is certainly easier to learn Spanish in Spain, than by just studying it in England. Benalmadena was safe, everything was within easy reach on foot (and it was good that there was a bus to take us over to the college from the centre of Benalmadena in the mornings).  It was easy to walk down to the beach after lessons and lunch at the college, and back to my hosts afterwards.

I liked the Spanish Summer course social activities arranged to Aqualand, Tivoli world, the beach and open air cinema evenings, however the trip to Ronda was too long and too hot for me, I’d have rather stayed at the beach for the day.  Overall though the college staff were great and they supervised us well.

The socialising between the students at night was great.  It seemed strange at first to be able to stay out so late at night (couldn’t do this at home) but everyone whether small children or grandparents were out till past midnight, to make the most of the coolest part of the day.

I stayed with a nice host and hostess who were really hospitable.  The food was good and it was good for my Spanish to live with Spanish people for the two weeks.

I would go again and have already recommended the Spanish Teenager course in Benalmadena to friends.  I feel so much more confident speaking Spanish at my level as a result of the course.