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Three weeks learning Russian in Moscow

Russian Private Tuition in MoscowJo Hubbard
3 weeks Russian course in Moscow

I studied at the Russian language school with CESA before and the first time round I was pleasantly surprised by the class size, central location and the friendliness I experienced. Frankly I was amazed by how much Russian I understood from the teachers from the beginning (I had started from scratch).

I hadn’t expected the course to be so text book based, but actually it worked very well.  Speaking in Russian from the beginning was also immensely constructive for me. As a place to learn Russian in Russia, the Moscow based language school is brilliant.  The lessons both the first time, and this time round worked very well for me, with a good balance of oral, aural and reading/writing.  The teachers were all very kind, patient and easy to relate to, very friendly.  The Russian language school in Moscow was modern, well equipped and very central.  The Russian teachers were wonderfully approachable.

The best part for me was meeting the other students and my Russian host family.  To find that you could tell a story in Russian to your host family was a real joy.  I thought the college system of having the breaks between classes worked well – my brain appreciated the pause so that it could concentrate again when next in the classroom.

There were a real assortment of Russian language students, drawn from all over, with quite a few Swiss and German people.  Mostly I found them very friendly, some weren’t my cup of tea but I guess that’s life!

On my first Russian language course I followed a 20 group lessons +5 private lessons per week Combined Course.  This time I went for a Combined Course with 10 private lessons per week.  On reflection I think the additional 5 private classes per week were too much for me, giving me little time to enjoy just being in Moscow. 

My hosts (on my first visit) were terrific, always keen to include me in their life.  The option to stay with hosts is wonderful, for those who really want to learn Russian fast. For this second trip I was able to make my own accommodation arrangements.

Moscow is the most incredible city I have ever spent time in.  So much to see (the guide book the Russian language school gave us on arrival was fantastic).  I felt safe in central Moscow, not so much in the outskirts but there was certainly plenty to do and see and the nightlife in Moscow is like nowhere else!  I fould local people very friendly and curious in general and actually keen to interact with a foreigner.

CESA Languages Abroad were wonderful.  I had used them when I went to France to learn French in Paris, and now twice to study Russian in Moscow.  I have already recommended CESA to people I know.  Katherine and Gemma helped me choose a suitable course, helped me get my visa, reassured me about what I would see and do. They were utterly wonderful and made everthing so easy.  This part of the service is, in my opinion, unimprovable.  They were always available, always able to answer every question I asked and so kind and friendly.

I would definitely go again, as soon as I am in a position to do so (I have now started full time employment though).  I’ve already recommended CESA to others.  Everything about Moscow was great.  The sights, the people, the nightlife and the buzz.  I made lasting friends out there, who I still see and I hope to live/work out in Moscow and put my Russian to work for a couple of years, in the future.