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What are the language teachers like?

All language teachers are native speakers, trained to teach their own language to foreign nationals. They will ONLY speak in the target language in class.

Their aim is to make your language learning experience fun. That is not to say that it won’t involve some hard work on your part. They are there to encourage you to talk and participate in class as much as you can. They will answer your language questions and listen to your concerns.

A variety of materials will be used to aid the language learning process and hold student attention including TV programmes, video films, audio material, written texts such as newspaper articles and of course text books, plus language lab or computer based studies. Learning through practice is combined with a systematic explanation of the grammar at each linguistic level, so that all four of the key skills (Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing) are covered according to the current language ability of the class.

All teachers use the proven, “communicative approach” – learning through practice.