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What will my course cost and what else should I budget for?

This depends on where you are going and what course you follow. The individual course details for each college contain the course and accommodation fee information and the Important Information details, cover transfer costs, books, daily living expenses etc. We have tried to make it as clear as we can. If you still feel confused or require confirmation of a course price, feel free to call or email us.

What you will need to consider for your budget will include most of the following:

Tuition & books
CESA admin fee
Transfers (from airport or station to accommodation)
Insurance cover
Travel to / from the country
Daily commuting costs
Daily living costs
Extra money for social activities and excursions

Please contact us, telling us the course you are interested in and we will happily provide a full budget for you.

Apart from Tours (France) all centres ask you to pay for your tuition, books, accommodation (except for some Hotels) and any supplements that apply, via CESA. Many of them will enable you to pay for the cost of the transfer from the nearest airport or station to your accommodation, before departure.

In addition to the fees paid via CESA you will need to budget for;

your travel from the UK to the relevant country,
daily commuting costs, 
accommodation costs in Tours (France)
additional board (if not on a full board arrangement) 
& daily living expenses to cover evenings out and social activities.