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Why go abroad when I could study in the UK?

Put simply: Abroad, you live the language, rather than just learning it.

Living the language means…

being surrounded by native speakers who talk at machine gun speed
walking the local streets admiring the bill boards, architecture and shops
relaxing in cafes, bars or restaurants
travelling on the local transport system
experiencing the local culture; museums, historic sites and modern buildings, country landscapes and/or city life
developing a taste for local delicacies, be that pasta or ice cream in Italy, fish and white wine in France or tapas and cerveza in Andalucia
sharing these experiences with others at the college who are also soaking up the local atmosphere.

By leaving the UK and your daily pursuits behind, you can concentrate 100% on your target language and the people and culture that BREATH life into it. The discipline of attending a college provides you with that all important framework with which to develop your language skills and gives you the confidence to talk, listen, get it right, make mistakes and practise, practise, practise until your head aches. When the correct pronunciation of a word or a particular grammar point escapes you there is always someone to turn to for assistance and an explanation. You can share the pleasure of linguistic success and the humour of linguistic error with fellow students who are feeling in turn just as elated or frustrated as you!

Living the language you are learning means giving yourself the luxury of working on just this one area for the duration of your course. Whether your course is two weeks, four weeks or 20 weeks long, this concentration of effort and experience will reap you enormous linguistic rewards!