Blog and Student Reviews: Cuenca

Spanish language course in Cuenca, Ecuador

Toby Roberts : 8 weeks Spanish course in Cuenca, Ecuador Before I went on the course I felt I had realistic expectations, I didn’t expect to become fluent in Spanish (no matter how good the tutors that wasn’t, sadly, going to happen in just eight weeks) but I did hope I’d reach a standard where […]

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Jack: 4 week Standard Course

“I expected the course to further develop my grammatical and linguistic Spanish skills and generally improve my conversational Spanish. I also looked forward to being taught by native Spanish speakers in a country other than Spain. I definitely improved my all round Spanish langue and grammar but I also felt the course set me up […]

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Lucy: 4 week Standard Course

I was very tired and very nervous, I was on the other side of the world from home and didn’t know a soul. I tried to ring home to let them know I had arrived safely in Quito but the card I had didn’t work. The hotel phone cost me $17.00 to speak to my […]

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