Blog and Student Reviews: Spanish

Adam: 1 week Super Intensive Course

“I wanted to bring together my known Spanish vocabulary so that I could use it effectively in sentences. My expectations were met; I thought the course in the Spanish language school in Valencia was at the right level for me. The teachers were all good and the lessons worked well. The school was well located, […]

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Michael: 1 week Private Tuition

“On my first morning in Valencia, Maria, my hostess, realised that I had had a cold shower because the boiler was not turned on. She took me out on the balcony, where her rabbit was thumping around in its cage, showed me the boiler, and explained how to twiddle its knobs and fire it up […]

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Johnny Blackman: 8 weeks Languages for Life Course

I’d always wanted to go to Argentina and when I decided, having graduated that the time had come to sort out a Spanish language course, I immediately thought of studying in Buenos Aires!   The CESA Languages staff had talked me through the various course options and explained the school was home to a wide range of student nationalities […]

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