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Easter Teenage course in Benalmadena

Connie and Tilly went together to Spain
Easter Teenage Course in Benalmadena
One week elementary level programme

Both mothers kindly gave feedback on the girls’ experience…

Tilly’s mother …

This afternoon I picked up Tilly and her friend Connie on their return from their stay in Benalmadena.  They scarcely drew breath on the way home as they told me about their week.  Tonight when I asked whether Tilly felt their Spanish had improved, the answer was ‘definitely’ and when I asked what the best part was she said  “all of it”.  I can’t tell you how delighted I am with the course and, if you can,  I would like you to pass on my enormous thanks to Maria, their spanish hostess, who from all accounts looked after them extremely well and fed them the most delicious suppers.  I shall certainly be recommending the Easter spanish course and CESA to the Mfl department at Tilly and Connie’s school.

Once again my huge thanks for a well organised and thoroughly enjoyable adventure for the girls.


Connie’s mother…

I would like to second everything Anna said!! The girls had a blast – the language skills are an additional bonus!!! Connie has been chattering to me in Spanish all afternoon!!!