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French A’level Revision course in France

French A-level Revision Course in NiceKate: 1 week in Nice
Easter A’level course 

I really imagined that the French Easter A’level Revision course in Nice would be similar to my French course at school in the UK.  Very teacher led, not much interaction with the students etc… Well I imagined wrong!   I couldn’t believe how wrong I was.  I have never had the experience of having fun French lessons before as there are always targets to be met at school, so it’s normally work, work, work, exam, work etc….

I LOVED the French A’level lessons, the teachers were brilliant, student/teacher interaction was brilliant and I loved the “No English Policy”!

The French language school in Nice was well located, comfortable, convenient and had a great atmosphere.  The staff were efficient and kind and the teachers were friendly and fantastic.

I just didn’t think of it as school.  I felt I could speak freely (in French of course) about any subject.  My teacher responded well to each student’s individual needs, for example each student got extra information from the teacher on the topic they had chosen to do their oral presentation on.

I enjoyed the tour of Nice on the first day to get a feel for the place.  It’s a lovely city, a great destination.

I stayed with a very welcoming family.  Madame was helpful and chatty. Nice people who were very kind to me.

I made some great friends on the course and with the teacher and my host family.  I can even say (for the first time ever) that going to school was fun!