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French A’ level Revision: Nice

February & Easter French A’ level courses

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Designed for A’ level, Pre U, Higher & IB students

I LOVED the French A’level lessons, the teachers were brilliant, student/teacher interaction was brilliant and I loved the “No English Policy”!

Kate Ainsworth: Easter A level course (Read full review)

Improve your French in Nice, and enjoy your holidays whilst preparing for the exams which mark the end of your school education.

This exam preparation programme is designed to give high school students the linguistic skills which will enhance their ability to tackle the challenge of their French exams. The courses are focused on concrete skills they can directly apply, whether they need to improve their oral or written French. Students will be given homework on a daily basis that teachers will correct. On request, they will be provided with extra material for personal study. Last but not least, they can sit for a mock exam (written or oral) directly related to the subject matter covered during their course.

Language skills covered: Oral and Written Expression, Grammar Exercises, Oral and Written Comprehension, Phonetics, Vocabulary and Syntax

A’ level Group Course

Levels offeredSecond Year only / Intermediate to Advanced
Age range16/18 yrs
Course duration1 week 
Group lessons30 French lessons
Lesson duration45 minutes
Maximum per class10 students
  • Group lessons from Monday to Friday (five mornings + 3 afternoons)
Course Date 2019
April: 15
A’ level group course
€ 450.00
+ CESA Fee: € 60.00 per person
Hosts, single room
€ 238.00
Hosts, shared room
€ 211.00

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Combined Course

Levels offered1st & 2nd Year / Intermediate to Advanced
Age range16 yrs+
Course duration1 week 
Group lessons/AM16 Standard Course lessons
Private lessons/PM5 or 10 privately focused lessons
Lesson duration45 minutes
Maximum per class10 students
  • No group lessons on Monday (tests, induction and tour of Nice)
Course Dates 2019
February: 18,  25
April: 01, 08, 15
Group + 5 private lessons
€ 585.00
Group + 10 private lessons
€ 850.00
+ CESA Fee: € 60.00 per person
Hosts, single room
€ 238.00
Hosts, shared room
€ 211.00
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The French A’ level revision course has been put together to help A’ level French language students (or European equivalents) to overcome any linguistic weaknesses, giving them the confidence to communicate effectively in French and to develop their knowledge of the French language. Students are able to polish up general French language skills including revision of grammar structures and pronunciation as part of the Standard Course. 

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It’s perfect for students looking to prepare prior to their exams ~ as the course is aimed at high school leaving age students across Europe: A’ level, IB, Abitur, Matura etc.

  • The course includes a mock exam, in test conditions
  • Tutors are all native speakers who are  professional teachers of French as a foreign language
  • Past students have really enjoyed living in Nice & experiencing the Riviera lifestyle
  • Please note this is a French language, not a literature orientated course
  • Additional private lessons can be built into the A’ level group course, on request

Please check with your UK school, are your Orals before or after Easter. Morning lessons: Devoted to grammatical and functional aims according to the different group levels offered, in line with the school’s Standard Course. Afternoon lessons: Small group lessons focusing on the needs of individuals in the class. Résumé techniques and text analysis Exam related work Text material used focus on French literature and civilisation. Oral topic analysis. Combined Course students can focus on individual areas of interest with their tutor. Private study: Students will be asked to complete some homework tasks each night in preparation for the following days classes. It is important that students complete these tasks in order to take full advantage of the week’s programme.

French Language School

The French school in Nice is situated several blocks south of the railway station, 200 metres from the Nice Etoile shopping area, 400 meters from Place Massena and 10 minutes walk from the Promenade des Anglais. Located in a quiet residential area, the school is situated in a lovely mansion, surrounded by similar styled houses from the turn of the 20 th century. The  school year offers French classes year round. It consists of 10 classrooms (with air con), a library, a computer room with internet access and Wi-Fi. There are hot and cold drinks machines and a small courtyard, shaded by trees where students can relax during breaks.

Timetable: A level Group Course

Classes 09.00 to 12.20 hrs + tour of Nice
09.00-10.40 hrs / 11.00-12.20 hrs
+ 3 afternoons 13.15 – 15.45 hrs

Timetable: Combined Course

Testing, assessment and tour of Nice
09.00-12.20 hrs or 16.15 to 19.30 hrs
+ 3 afternoons 13.15 – 15.45 hrs



A range of activities are available and offered at extra cost. Students are advised of the options offered each week once in France via a notice board in the Centre.
Monday: Tour of Nice with a guide (free)
One Afternoon: Trip to museum or other local sight with guide (allow EUR 10.00)
One Evening: Guided Quiz night, bowling evening or Salsa night (allow EUR 12.00)
However the facilities of Nice tend to encourage most students to make their own entertainment out of class and we find that one week students prefer to explore the city on their own or with other students, during their free time.


  • Open to 16 years + age group
  • Single room
  • Shared room (if travelling with a friend)
  • Breakfast & evening meal
  • Arrive: Sunday PM
  • Depart: Saturday AM

Students are housed with local French hosts. They provide a bedroom, breakfast and evening meal and a chance to practise your French through social interaction out of class. Hosts are generally 15 to 40 minutes commute from school (either on foot or by tram/bus). 

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Hosts offering half-board, live in apartments in and around the city and may have more than one student staying with them at a time. They are normally French couples, divorcees or widows who are happy to host foreign students and can provide a welcoming environment and the opportunity for social conversation each day. Host families are committed to: – welcome and lodge you in the best conditions – integrate you as much as possible in the family’s life – assist you in the language learning process – offer you a French or continental breakfast every morning – offer you a complete and varied dinner (usually dinner is taken between 19.00 and 20.30) – supply you with bed sheets and towels and to change them every week – offer a clean, comfortable room with a window, furnished with a work table and a wardrobe – give you the keys of the flat or house Don’t hesitate to talk with your family about what you like upon arrival. Please inform your host family in advance if you won’t take a meal because you are going out or for any other reason. There is no refund for meals which are not taken. Of course you are welcome to make your own accommodation arrangements, but generally A’ level revision course students choose to stay with hosts.


Teenagers aged 16/17 yrs old will need a signed parental permission to be able to go out in the evenings. Parents must indicate that either:
1/ no permission to go out beyond 8.00 pm
2/ students are free to go out up to 11.00 pm in the week &/or at the weekend
3/ students can go out in Nice without restriction in the week &/or at the weekend *

*  If students stay out without restriction, hosts are not expected to stay up and wait for their return, whereas they will for an 11.00 pm curfew.

Parents cannot set alternative curfews as the college staff/hosts are unable to police them.
French language students, over 18 years of age are not subject to parental permission rules.

Travel & Transfer

One way collection on arrival at Nice airport by hosts: No extra charge The hosts organise the arrival transfer, assuming that students arrive between 09.00 and 21.00 hrs (students must arrive at a reasonable hour of the day). If catching early morning or late night flights, students have to make their own way to their accommodation by public transport.

Students can either make their own travel arrangements back to Nice airport by public transport, or book the college arranged taxi service (which is paid for in advance of the course).