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Sandra 8 week course

Learn French in FranceI was looking for a total immersion in a French way of life and rapid improvement in my French language skills. My French language skills did improve quickly but looking back at it now, honestly I think my expectations were a little naive.

I wish I’d had the chance to stay out there for longer, another month would have really helped me.

The French language courses offered in the Paris school worked well for the people that I got to know.  My French lessons were great with good student/teacher interaction.  I found the lessons varied and well presented.  It was good to be taught by French native speakers – and having different teachers gave you different perspectives on the language and French culture which was really useful.

The college was really central in Paris, giving great access to the main shops and within easy reach of the attractions that I wanted to see.  The teachers were helpful, approachable and fun to learn with.

The other language students were from all over Europe and beyond!  They were friendly and we socialised well together.  Paris is a lovely city, although as you’d expect it was expensive to live there.  I felt safe there and I found there was plenty of entertainment in the city.  You have to be comfortable with the idea of commuting if living in Paris but once you’ve got the metro sorted it’s great.  The nightlife was excellent and so varied and the night buses made getting around at night easy.

I stayed with hosts.  The accommodation was good, involved a daily metro commute of 30+ minutes, which I’d be warned to expect, so that was okay.  My host mother was friendly but worked so she wasn’t always there to have the evening meal with me, which was a shame.  If I went to the school again I’d probably go for a breakfast only arrangement instead.