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Jennifer: 8 week French Gap Year Course

Cannes was definitely the best part of my overseas Gap Year, last year.

The French college was perfect for me, and being able to see the festival was just amazing. A Norwegian friend from college and I actually walked the red carpet and saw a film due to some unbelievably good luck in being at the right place at the right time. Just crossing the road on the way home from a bar, a car stopped us and offered us 2 tickets to see the film Blindness. We initially thought they were fakes, and politely declined. However the driver insisted we take them, and left us with two tickets to the balcony! Lots of photos and laughs later, we were possibly the luckiest people in Cannes!

That was just one of the many fun experiences I had in Cannes, and now only wish I could go back.

Thanks for the best holiday I could ever ask for!