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Learn Manadarin in Beijing

Learn Chinese in ChinaCaterina Cambi
8 weeks Chinese Intensive course

I am at a lower intermediate Chinese language level. Initially the course was really hard for me because at university we have a large class and only one teacher, so there was little chance of conversation practise. Now, after 2 months at the Mandarin language school in Beijing, I have made a lot of progress. It’s exactly what I needed.

I’ve experienced a lot of sights in Beijing, and everything is very different from Italy. I have found that the Chinese people I’ve met are very interesting, very kind and nice, ready to help you if you have any problems. I’ve really enjoyed discovering Chinese food. I’ve become something of a Chinese food addicted.  Everything about Beijing is special, very far from Italy, but all differences are very interesting. I’ve really enjoyed and appreciated my time in Beijing.

One of the best experiences for me was visiting the Great Wall, which really made a deep impression on me. I walked a lot, so I do become tired (remember to bring comfortable shoes!), but it has been so memorable. I also liked the Summer Palace very much. I’ve had so many great opportunities to practice my Chinese.

I would recommend that future students try to speak as much Mandarin as you can. In the shops, out on the street, studying at the Chinese language school in Beijing and having all these opportunities has been a great experience. Watching movies in Chinese is another good way to improve your ear but best of all is finding Chinese friends and speaking with them to ensure you continually improve your Chinese.